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We can provide you and your business with several different service options based on your company’s specific needs.

How we work together.

First, you will be provided a self-evaluation/business analysis to complete. This evaluation of yourself and your business provides us with the insight into your organization. Next, we will have an on-site examination of all aspects of your business. We will review the self-evaluation, then discuss and prioritize your goals. I will speak with employees at all levels, review operations, and evaluate systems and services. We just might go so far as to visit clients’ properties to get their assessment of your company and the services you provide to them. From this analysis, I will generate a report and provide different ways of improving your business and reaching your goals. Everything I provide to you is easily tracked and measurable and if followed, guaranteed to provide you with the information and foundation required to build your business according to your goals.

Services may include:

  • Coaching
  • Developing business plans
  • Creating systems within the operation

    Employee Training
    • Employee Training is one aspect of the services I offer. Your employees are your greatest asLight bulbsets. Most small businesses fall short with employee training.  Are you doing a better job maintaining and improving your fleet of trucks and equipment rather than your employees?  Moreover, no matter how well your employees are trained, everyone must know and understand how to work as a team. Employee retention is also key to success. If you have a high employee turnover rate, you are losing valuable time and money. I can tailor the Training phase to suit your business needs.
    • Stay ahead of the industry and competitors by continuing education and training.

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Customer Service

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